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Press Release


Potentia Manufacturing Group has purchased

New England Foundry, LLC.

July 22, 2022

Potentia Manufacturing Group has purchased New England Foundry, LLC, formerly the Anbar division of Edson International. Located in Taunton, Massachusetts, New England Foundry specializes in sand casting of aluminum, brass, and bronze for the marine, aerospace, and industrial markets with the number one focus continuing to be on the marine market.


New England Foundry continues to manufacture its products in its updated Taunton facility.


According to David N. Slutz, managing director of Potentia, the addition of New England Foundry to the Potentia family of manufacturing companies will provide value-added, synergistic opportunities for customers of the foundry and for clients of other Potentia companies.


“When customers see the Potentia name, they know they are dealing with a reputable company that provides exceptional customer service, fine American workmanship, and cost-effective access to other precision machining and metalworking services they may need to complete their projects in a timely manner,” Slutz said.


Potentia Manufacturing Group, an entity of Potential Holdings, LLC, is a family of companies offering precision engineering and manufacturing of metal and plastic components for aerospace (commercial and military), energy, marine, medical/ biotech/pharmaceutical, robotics, instrumentation, automation, laser, semiconductor, and other industries.


In addition to New England Foundry, companies in the Potentia Manufacturing Group include Franklin Sheet Metal, ITAL-TECH Machined Products, Jet Machined Products, MacDiarmid Precision Machining, and Trilap Precision Finishing. 

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