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Business Services

“Management is doing

things right; leadership is doing the right things.”

- Peter Drucker

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Expanding growth potential doesn’t begin and end with acquisitions. Potentia Holdings offers a full range of strategic business, technological and process-based solutions. Drawing on proven expertise built on decades of industry experience, we offer comprehensive business services to support management and expand growth potential with or without acquisition:

Tactical/Market Planning

Our team excels at moving companies into profitable markets with limited or higher-cost competitors. Utilizing our expertise and resources, manufacturers can often expand on their commodity product offerings to develop and position high barrier-to-entry solutions with limited competitors. 


Process Improvement

Potentia managers are well versed in harnessing the power of SMED/Kaizen and Lean Manufacturing processes to improve speed-to-market time on the shop floor and in the office. For example, one manager was able to cut tooling/production part approval process (PPaP) lead time by 50%.


Team Development

Potentia recognizes potential and has the demonstrated ability to put the right people in the right places owning the right responsibilities.


Restructuring and Succession Planning

Through careful analysis and strategic restructuring, Potentia builds bench strength for leadership continuity. We identify employees with key talents to fill vacant or other leadership roles, and we can provide management training and transitional support as needed.


High-Level Customer Negotiations

Potentia’s experienced negotiators can help smaller companies achieve favorable terms when dealing with large customers, resulting in improved profit margins and long-term price stability. In one case, for example, a member of Potentia’s management team helped a manufacturer realize $2 million in annual material savings over five years.


Budget and Sales Forecasting

Potential’s management team has vast experience dealing in global and often uncertain markets, and we can help companies stay on track through cycles.


Margin Enhancement

Increase pricing power with key OEM and strong leadership on the cost front.


Cost Reduction

What more can and should be done in-house? What makes more sense to outsource? Potentia develops the best mix, connects companies to the right sources and helps put the plan into action.


Technology and Integration

Utilizing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications such as web interfaces, inventory information sharing and customer-driven pull systems, Potentia enables manufacturers to position themselves as integrated extensions of their customers’ businesses.


Risk Mitigation

With a strong understanding of insurance products and experience building redundant systems in office and manufacturing environments, Potentia helps companies reduce risks that can undermine the financial strength or reputation of a company.


Public and Media Relations

We offer strategic public relations and media services to help organizations garner favorable publicity, build brand awareness, enhance overall image and/or aid in the strategic positioning or re-positioning of products in the marketplace. Our strong alliances with media outlets and trade publications are integral to success in this area.