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Acquisitions Criteria

Private investment and acquisitions for small manufacturers

At Potentia Manufacturing Group, our focus is targeted, but we are open to considering attractive business opportunities that may fall outside of our basic criteria if they are otherwise a good fit. Please Contact Us if you offer such an opportunity.

Potentia Manufacturing Group focuses on acquiring platform or stand-alone manufacturing companies. Businesses with the following characteristics are most attractive to us:

Business Sector

Primarily metal processing and injection-molded plastics manufacturing 


Annual Sales
  • $1MM to $10MM

  • Companies may be larger if they meet other given criteria, but Potentia is primarily focused within this range.


Operations and Processes
  • Manufacture of critical components where the cost of component failure is greater than the cost of overall system failure

  • Development of process-focused engineered solutions

  • Manufacture and sales of nonstandard products to customers with unique needs

  • Customer-driven emphasis on quality and delivery over price


Business Status and Historical Performance
  • Undervalued (healthy or struggling), with demonstrated profit and market share potential

  • Customer loyalty achieved through strong working relationships

  • Historical growth through business cycles

  • Positive brand equity built on consistently meeting or exceeding customer expectations


Seeking Investments To Be Used Primarily for:
  • Capital for organic growth and/or acquisitions

  • Debt reduction to strengthen capital structure

  • Partial liquidity for active or inactive shareholders



New England-based preferred, but Potentia may consider attractive companies beyond the region



Management continuity is optional; Potentia can recruit new business leaders to replace retiring CEOs or owners and aid in the organization’s transition to new management.

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