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Potentia Gives Selling Shareholders Peace of Mind.

Retirement, recapitalization, industry consolidation, loss of a major customer—whatever the reason, the decision to sell is often a difficult one. In many cases, owners have devoted a lifetime to building a business, and concerns can range from preserving a legacy to protecting the livelihoods of the company’s employees. Potentia will skillfully structure and negotiate a transaction that best addresses those concerns.

private investment for small manufacturing companies offering selling shareholders peace of mind
  • Showing Sensitivity and Respect
    At Potentia Manufacturing Group, we are sensitive to the range and complexity of issues involved in selling. We understand individual concerns, and will structure the appropriate transaction to address them. Our respect extends beyond those immediately involved in transactions to include employees, associates, family and community.


  • Preserving Legacies
    When Potentia makes an acquisition, we keep the selling company’s brand name, location and independence.


  • Honoring Obligations to Employees, Customers and the Community
    At Potentia, people are the first order of business, so we structure transactions to protect employees, satisfy customers and retain the company’s good standing and involvement in the community.


  • Replacing Retiring CEOs
    In cases where the CEO is retiring, Potentia has strong recruiting capabilities and connections, ensuring that the company will have competent leadership consistent with the selling company’s management needs and values.


  • Pricing
    We use a comprehensive due diligence checklist to assess each opportunity based on financial position, product positioning, customer information, competition and marketing, sales and distribution, research and development, management and personnel, and legal aspects. Few other investors will take the time to do this for small companies at the lower end of our sales criteria range ($1MM-$10MM).


  • Closing Deals
    Our skilled negotiators have established relationships and outstanding reputations with a wide range of lending institutions, private investors and other intermediaries.

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