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Potentia Offers Managers and Owners the Incentives They Deserve.

Private investment incentives for small manufacturers

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Managers and owners who partner with Potentia to increase their company’s growth potential reap the benefits of fair and agreeable compensation, freedom to manage autonomously, access to important resources, strategic support services and a high level of personal respect. Specifically, managers and owners can expect to:

  • Receive Equity Compensation
    At Potentia Manufacturing Group, we value managers for their leadership abilities and commitment, and we offer the incentives they deserve. Managers investing with Potentia may be able to earn a substantial amount of additional equity through participation in an attractive stock option plan.


  • Maintain Control Without Micro-Management
    Potentia won’t interfere with everyday operations; we respect the ability of the CEO to successfully lead his or her team and routinely make important decisions with the support of a board of directors. That means managers spend their time moving the business forward instead of compiling reports and waiting for approvals.


  • Get Help with Acquisition Decisions and Transactions
    Potentia managers are skilled negotiators who excel at identifying opportunities and developing synergies for cost reduction, vertical integration and sales growth. When acquisition is determined to be the best path to growth, we offer options that owners and managers can embrace and then support them through the transition process.


  • Gain Access to Important Resources
    As needed, managers gain ready access to the vast network of local and global resources which we have developed through decades of hands-on experience in the industry. A major objective of our overall strategy is to develop synergies that will enhance our clients’ growth potential.


  • Receive Respect and Support
    Potentia forges supportive relationships that ease the transition to new processes, strategies, management and/or ownership. At Potentia Manufacturing Group, we are respectful of the commitment, accomplishments and expertise of owners, managers and their employees. We are honest, approachable, ready to listen, easy to work with…and, on occasion, even fun. Of course we take business seriously, but working with a partner should never feel intimidating.

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